We operate a full service aircraft maintenance facility providing routine maintenance, major and minor repairs, and annual inspections for most aircraft in the general aviation fleet.

Shop Rate

$70.00 / HOUR

Annual Inspection Rates

Includes inspection, cleaning and gapping of spark plugs, oil and oil filter change, cutting open and inspecting oil filter, compression check, setting timing, air filter change, airframe lubrication, and ELT check.

(Price does not include the cost of oil, filters, and parts)

Cessna 150 $550.00

Cessna 172 $525.00

Cessna 182 $600.00

Cessna 205/205 $750.00

Beech 19, 23 $575.00

Ercoupe $500.00

Grumman Tiger $575.00

Cherokee 140 $550.00

Piper PA28 $575.00

Piper Archer/Warrior $575.00

PA28-235 $600.00

Cherokee Six $800.00

Piper Seneca/Aztec $1500.00

Maule $550.00

Mooney M20 $900.00

If your aircraft is not listed please call 734-384-9616 for a quote.

We offer a 20% discount for "owner assisted" inspections which involves the owner removing and reinstalling all inspection plates.